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To simplify complex technology and cut through the clutter in order to help our audience navigate the ever-expanding digital landscape.

About WorldlyNation

WorldlyNation, a highly reputed media website, seeks to show people the best of what’s out there now, while also helping them find the breakthroughs that will change their lives for better tomorrow in the tech terrain.

We focus on technology that improves your daily life, from the tools you use to the people who created them and the ways in which they are changing the world. WorldlyNation takes a human perspective on the constant stream of technological advancements, prioritizing actual user feedback over abstract features and marketing jargon. The fast-moving nature of the world makes for stimulating, thought-provoking, and amusing discourse. You can’t take the time to learn everything there is to know about it. We’ll get you there though!

About WorldlyNation Group

WorldlyNation attracts millions of monthly unique visitors across partners and platforms by providing informative reviews, interesting news, and amusing videos.

Meet the Team

Writers for WorldlyNation want to reach a wider audience than just computer nerds. WorldlyNation has dozens of editors and writers who are relied on by people who couldn’t care less about technology to inform them about the newest iPhone software update, how to fix their laptop, and which TV model to buy. The people that make our world go ’round are listed here, along with the values of openness, fairness, and honesty that guide their work.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Kadir A
  • Managing Editor: Khan Finn


  • Editor, Computing: Michael P
  • Editor, Gaming: Gabriel M
  • Editor, Mobile: Yusuf T
  • Editor, Entertainment: James D
  • Editor, A/V: Adam K
  • Editor at Large: Tim U
  • Senior Editor, Features: Mark Y
  • Staff Writer, Computing: Zuli A
  • Staff Writer, Gaming: Tony P
  • Senior Writer, Mobile: Sam H
  • Contributing Editor, Entertainment: Abu V
  • Contributing Editor, A/V: Khalid N
  • Overnight Editor: Emma R
  • Coordinator: Rita R
  • Coordinator: Mike R
  • Coordinator: Pit T
  • Coordinator: John P

Copy Desk

  • Copy Chief: Eli B
  • Copy Editor: Ruth Q
  • Copy Editor: Bams W
  • Copy Editor: Ibrahim Z


  • Chief Design Officer: Kasim D
  • Studio Director: Steve M
  • Design Director: Joy S
  • Senior Visual Designer: Timo K
  • Senior Brand and Experience Designer: Fred A
  • Video Producer: Amin K
  • Content Specialist: Mathew J


  • Senior Commerce Editor: Josiah A

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